Preparing your home for the housing market doesn't have to be a daunting task. If you are on a budget, a few creative, inexpensive weekend projects can make a bigger impact on potential buyers. Here are ten cheap and easy home improvement tips for preparing your home to sell.

1. Crown Molding

Crown molding is an inexpensive way to give your house an overall classier look. By installing crown molding on the top of your windows and cabinets, it can give your living room, kitchen, and bathrooms a more elegant, classy appearance.  Another trick is to add a strip of trim a few inches above your existing baseboards. Paint the trim, baseboard, and space in between the same color to create an illusion of a larger baseboard.

2. Picture Frames

Picture frames can be used to transform a generic, plain area of your home into something beautiful.  Picture frames can be added to wainscots, painting them the same color for a classy appearance. 

The same effect can be applied to plain cabinets with doors.  Attaching picture frames to the doors, painting them the same color as the door, and, of course, replacing the door handles can turn those plain doors into something fancy.

Adding a frame around your bathroom mirror can also transform the focal point of your bathroom that needs a bit of a touch-up.

3. Install Curtain Rods Closer to the Ceiling

When your rods are closer to the ceiling, it gives the illusion that your window is bigger than it is. Make sure your curtains are extra-long and that your curtain rod goes past either side of your window. Create the illusion of a larger bathroom by doing the same thing with your shower curtain. In fact, you can even add two extra-long shower curtains that part in the middle to create an even more impressive effect.

4. Paint

There’s not an easier fix to improving the perception and appearance of your home than some fresh paint on the walls.  A new coat of paint is an inexpensive way to brighten up your home. Consider painting accent walls to draw attention to a focal point of a room. Depending on the focal point of your room, you can even consider creating an accent ceiling color.

Did you know that you can paint that ugly linoleum tile? How about your refrigerator? Your metal vents? You can paint anything with a bit of research on purchasing special paints made just for the material you are working with. 

5. Mirrors

A well-placed mirror creates the illusion of space and makes an area feel bigger.  Mirrors not only reflect the image of the room, but they also reflect light and color, which affects how you perceive space.

Place long mirrors on their side in a hallway to make the hall look longer. Put them on cabinet and closet doors to reflect the rest of the room.  Group smaller pictures together, paint their frames the same color, and group them on a wall together. 

Get creative!  With some crown molding, paint, frames, and time, you can brighten your home, make your ceilings and windows look larger and transform plain cabinets and furniture into exciting pieces.  When your home is ready for listing, be sure to call your trusted Savannah Tennessee real estate agents at List4Less.