Here at List4Less, we are proud to be located in a friendly small town with a peaceful, close-knit community for retirees and families. Escape to the rolling hills, spacious land, forests, lakes, and the scenic riverside town of Savannah, Tennessee. In Hardin County, you can enjoy sunshine most days of the year, water sports on the river or lake, and be a comfortable 1 - 3-hour drive from major surrounding cities, such as Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, Florence, or Huntsville. You’re going to get more square footage and more breathing space from your neighbors. With spacious lands and country and ranch-style homes, there is plenty of room for you to be a part of our community. So whether you grew up in the area or are looking for a new place to plant your roots, here are three reasons to love Hardin County.

It’s a great place to retire.

Our hometown of Savannah is often called a “retirement town” for good reason. With a combination of relaxation, fun, community, a central location between major cities, and a more comfortable standard of living for the money, Hardin County has become a favorite place to retire in Tennessee. Retirees can enjoy the peaceful, cost-effective living in a rural area with room to grow. You can live in a quiet, spacious country or ranch home, surrounded by friendly neighbors instead of small suburbs. Retirees can enjoy browsing local antique stores, flea markets, seasonal farmer’s markets and craft shows from local artisans. Savannah’s Main Street events and celebrations and bluegrass festivals make for some low-key fun within the community that reflect our local culture. If you’re looking for outdoor fun, you can enjoy the marinas and boat rental/docking at Pickwick Lake for fishing, pontoon boats, canoes, or jet skis on weekends. Pickwick Landing State Park has a beautiful golf course. With Savannah hailing as “the Catfish Capital of the World,” you will find a that the area has many fishing opportunities and a great variety of local wildlife. Land-owning outdoorsmen in Hardin County enjoy an active community of hunting for sport and off-road recreational vehicle adventures.

It’s a fun and safe place to raise and educate your family.

Family fun in Hardin County centers around community and outdoor fun. Tennessee Street Park in Savannah, TN is home to a beautiful space for families to play, host events, and relax on one of our many sunny days. Our community provides a public tennis court and a skate park with a half pipe for local skaters. Several of our communities have public swimming pools in the summer. Many local families take advantage of the river and lake near Pickwick for boating, fishing, jet skis, camping, and adventures on off-road vehicles.

Hardin County offers a small-town, close-knit community for families with children. Our public education system provides brand-new elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school with approximately 1200 students per year. Students enjoy a secure place to learn and grow with access to advanced placement classes, dual credit courses, and extracurricular activities in sports and the arts. If you prefer not to use public education, there are also options for private schools in the area.

Continuing education for cost-effective opportunities for graduates and working adults include Jackson State Community College and Tennessee College of Applied Technology. At Jackson State Community College, students can work to earn their associates degree with university-level accreditation for easy transfer to many universities. Tennessee College of Applied Technology offers technical degrees in welding, electrical, licensed practical nursing (LPN), drafting, electrical maintenance and repair, computer science, and more. Both of these continuing education facilities offer night classes for working adults. In addition to this, you can enjoy learning from local instructors for a CDL certificate, dance classes for both children and adults, karate instruction, handgun certification classes, and flight training at our local airport.


Hardin County is steeped in American History and Southern Culture

Hardin County is home to the site of one the biggest battles in our history’s Civil War. The land that the Battle of Shiloh was fought on has since been turned into a state park with a museum, monuments and hiking and biking trails, wildlife, bald eagle watching, a historic church, tours, and is the site of preserved Native American mounds. Ulysses S. Grant, the Union general and eventual president of the United States, set up union headquarters in a large, stately mansion on the Tennessee River, called “The Cherry Mansion.” This historic home is now the site of an annual musical event called “The Sunset Symphony” and hosts an Easter egg hunt on its grounds for local children every year.

Hardin County has a beautiful library, a Tennessee River Museum with Native American and Civil War artifacts, and several gorgeous parks, including Tennessee Street Park, Shiloh National Park, Pickwick State Landing Park, and more. Other parks include tennis courts, a skate park, a gorgeous veteran’s park with giant flags towering over the middle of Savannah, and the riverfront park named after local bluegrass legend, Wayne Jerrolds.

Music and local cuisine is a big part of Hardin County’s culture. Our area is known for its bluegrass and country music, with famous musicians such as Wayne Jerrolds and Darryl Worley hailing from our town. One of the best ways to experience our local culture is to attend one of our annual bluegrass festivals or the Tennessee River Run at Pickwick, ride the beautiful Pickwick Belle as it floats down the Tennessee river, and enjoy some of the home-cooked meals at our locally-owned restaurants in Savannah and Pickwick.

If you love a quiet life of tranquility, small-town community, and outdoor fun that isn’t too far from the larger cities, Hardin County can be a great place to retire or to raise a family.